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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

e-goldĀ® Account Referral Incentive Program

When you sign-up a new e-gold account you begin making money !
  • Every time that account spends or receives you get 10% of the fees
  • The spend does not need to be with you, any transaction pays
  • It's automatic; your 10% is deposited directly into the account you designate
  • Sign-up can be automatic; put an e-gold link on your site and if a customer uses the link and sets up an account, you receive the Incentive

How it works

As an e-gold account holder you are automatically an "Originator".

When you direct a new user to the e-gold system through your links, they become your "Progeny" and you receive an e-mail confirming a newly "born" Progeny

You become the beneficiary of incentive payments generated by the Progeny
When a new user clicks through your links, a cookie, with a one-week expiration, is set on the prospect's browser. If they create an account anytime within one week, the new account is awarded to you as the Originator.

In the event that the prospect clicks links to e-gold from several sources, the last one clicked is awarded the Progeny account.

This is intended to be an ongoing, even permanent, arrangement.