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Monday, June 19, 2006

Make Money On Your Site With Google

If you've been trying to earn money from your Web site then you've probably heard of Google Adsense. Now they offer a new tool to help you. Not only will you earn more money, you will add search to your site too. When I started using Googe Adsense the only ads they had were text ads.

They gave a title of a product or Web site, the URL and maybe a few words description. A few months ago they added graphical ads, more like the kind you're used to seeing on the Net.Now you can add search. Just copy/paste the code into your Web page where you want the search box to show up and instantly your visitors can search the Internet.If you want your readers to search your site, you can do that too.

If Google had spidered your site then you can add search at site level. This is even greater for you because now you can promote your own pages while making money doing it.Personalize the search by adding your own image to it. Do you have an image that represents your Web site, a logo, add it to the search bar. When someone does a search from your new Google search banner they will see your logo on the search page. You make money from this and advertise your site at the same time. What could be better.


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